From Cambridge, UK to Mt Abu, India!

I had wonderful time in Cambridge, catching up with friends, getting ready for 2 months in India, buying necessary items I can’t find in the mountains and of course sorting out luggage with a very patient Paul. There is a big luggage issue with Emirates airlines, they changed their baggage allowance to less, and I didn’t notice when I booked. If you are overweight, they charge you 50 US dollars per kilogram, very expensive!

Back to Cambridge. I feel that friends in Cambridge are like family in many ways.

I am on the mountain top, at a lovely little hotel on the lake. It is owned by my friend Geeta. I am being treated very well, great food, car and driver when needed, all in all very comfortable.

I feel a little all over the place, finding time to work on the book, which I am very excited about! I am adjusting to new surroundings and finding time to see BK friends.

In the first few days, I attended an event where the Japanese Government gave a sizable donation to my favorite hospital. I am told by my friend in Toronto that this could be a new policy to fund projects in the Asian, Pacific region. I must admit I was very surprised. I also attended a Medical Conference in Hindi where I needed a translator. The speakers were first class!

Enjoy the pictures!

PS: I also have found great Doctor at my little hospital, who is giving me hand therapy every day, so I can regain total motion and strength after surgery .


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Lovely Review of My Way!!

I received this review of my memoir that was written a few years ago from my dear friend Gordon Mcivor.  Apparently, he was on flight from LA to Toronto, so he read in one sitting. I must admit I became quite emotional when I was reading it.

This book is about overcoming adversity and finding the silver lining in every cloud that comes along to steal the light. My dear friend Betty Steinhauer lost her father while still very young and had to fend for herself and her mentally ill mother from a very young age. She persevered and found herself a wife and mother in the suburbs of Toronto, but a voice inside her was calling on her to do far more with her life. From housewife to community activist, she was soon running an international foundation and subsidizing projects in some of the poorest countries in the world. From there, she went on to meet world and spiritual leaders, often a guest at international meetings and conferences on community building. Through it all, she continued to pursue her deep and abiding love for India and engage in some very tender and romantic love affairs. Today, in her mid 70s, she continues to travel the world as what she refers to as a “nomadic intern”, still as much a student of life as when she was a small girl.

This is a deeply moving story of what I have come to realize is a remarkable woman who sees humanity as one family, sharing far more commonality than differences. The way she is able to reach out and help people all over the globe is nothing short of inspirational and shows what we can accomplish if we focus on the positive, the light and never stop loving each other especially at our most vulnerable moments. A delightful and purely inspirational read that may well change how you look at your own life.
Available on Amazon and Kindle Reader.

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My cast is off my hand! I will have a couple of sessions of hand therapy, so, I am on the mend. I am very happy that this episode in my life is nearly over.

My intention was I may try and settle down in 2019, but I don’t see that happening.

On January 30th, I leave for Cambridge with luggage, which I will leave with my great friend Paul who is just so helpful with all my planning. Without Paul storing my 12 suitcases and what goes where, travels would be very difficult.

On February 2nd I leave for 2 months in India, to work on my book. I am staying in Mount Abu on the lake in a small restored hotel that my friend Geeta bought last year.

Geeta and her family own several businesses in town and have a very good reputation. They have offered me a tremendous price with meals, car, a driver and of course I will visit my BK friends, all is very close.

Early April, after changing luggage, I will head to Thessaloniki Greece to visit my wonderful friends Ana, Velko and their 2 beautiful children for 9 days.  I met them last year during my visit to Greece. After that I will head to Canada for 6 weeks, then Iceland for 5 days for a Spirit of Humanity Forum, from there Newfoundland for the summer with Peggy, Denise, Barb and Joyce. I really missed going to the rock, as it is called, last summer. It has a piece of my heart.

In September, I will be visiting The Azores, part of Portugal. I am told this is the place I really need to visit.

Who knows after that? I had a wonderful invite to Mauritius, which I just loved when I visited early in my Nomadic journey and Australia, which is just so far away.

But, all this aside the book is number one on the list and really needs completion in 2019, as all the 42 interviews are completed.

Happy New Year to all!


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Well, I arrived at Bournemouth hospital in the UK very apprehensive about my upcoming hand surgery. The last time I had any type of surgery was in Toronto 35 years ago.

I have something that is called Dupuytrens Release. My little finger on my right hand has been very crooked for 3 years. I couldn’t straighten it and my next finger was starting to be affected, the tendons were shot, so I thought I should try and get it fixed.

I had discussed it with my Doctor in Toronto a couple of years ago and was told it wasn’t covered by OHIP, and it would cost $8,000 to do. I decided to live with a crooked finger.

I was visiting a Doctor in Cambridge a few months ago, he looked at my finger and asked what was wrong? When I told him, he said “We can fix that!!”

So, here I am with anesthesiologist discussing why I need to be put right under. I am requesting a local after he describes to me, they must drain all the blood from my arm and cuff it very tightly. I give in. (sounds like a Frankenstein procedure to me).

I have had the surgery. I can’t fly for 6 weeks, have cast on right hand and am learning to use my left hand, (tough going), but feeling good. I won’t have any idea if surgery has worked or not, until I can see my fingers.

I really appreciate all the messages I have received from my friends from both sides of the pond.

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seasons greetings Betty

Thank you to everyone who follows my blog,  much appreciated.

All the very best for 2019.


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Just Pictures!!

This gallery contains 16 photos.


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Life in the UK!

Back in Dorset, my surgery is booked for December 18th. I am a little nervous about this, I just don’t know what to expect!

My trip to Barcelona was fun. I stayed with the BK’s in their beautiful 17th century home in the centre of town. I held a book interview with Sister Marta. A very solid and committed young woman.

I also met with my great friends from Newfoundland, Denise and Peggy for lunch. They are on a cruise and stopped in the city for the day.

It looks like I will be spending extensive time on the rock this summer, which I really missed doing last year. I will be going on a trip in the summer to the northern part of the island with friends, where apparently, I am staying in soldier’s barracks, just like they did in past times with one bathroom for 12 people. (Not sure if they had a bathroom)

I told my friend, that we should take a number, just like a supermarket.

Next is my trip to Venice in a couple of weeks. I hope the city is no longer flooded. I have added a trip to Brussels on the Euro Star train which only takes 2 hours to Brussels from London.

I will be going to Norwich with my friend Jenny to go vintage and Christmas shopping. Then a visit to Cambridge to visit Paul and Cambridge friends, all of this before my surgery.

I may go back to India in February. I have a wonderful offer where to stay. It would be good to work on the book there.

Here, I am catching up with friends and of course my movies.


P.S For Meredith!

I want to dedicate the final Series of Netflix House of Cards to my best friend Meredith, who passed away last year far too young. We would chat, discuss politics, and laugh after we watched every episode. I miss her so very much!


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