Accident and Icebergs

I have arrived in one of my heart homes, Newfoundland. I will be here for 3 months. First thing I wanted to do was travel and see the icebergs. They are just amazing.

Before I left Toronto I was in horrific car accident on a major highway. A massive 18 wheeler truck caught my mirror in his. It was very freaky. I was dragged across the highway and back, before I hit the barrier. My airbags deployed, front of car fell off as well as the passenger door. As I was sailing across the highway, my only thought was if this car rolls over I am dead, so I pulled my seat belt tighter, which I don’t think made any sense, but at that point I was terrified!

The car was totalled and I have massive bruising, a cracked rib and foggy vision in one eye, but I am very lucky to walk from this. As time goes on more things happen to my body, which I am told is trauma.

I am very lucky to be here with my good friends Peggy and Denise, who yell at me in a nice way, when I am attempting too much. The other interesting thing was that it took about 10 minutes before any cars stopped and asked if I was ok and called 911. I think that says something about our society, cars just kept buzzing by.

The Police, Medics and Fireman came very fast after that. I am fine, it will just take little time.

Enjoy the Iceberg pictures!


Majestic Icebergs

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Iceland, 6 Days of Brilliant Sunshine!

Just returned from Iceland where I attended the Spirit of Humanity Forum. It is an excellent forum. I reconnected with old and new friends. This is the 4th forum, and it continues to grow and bring people together from around the world who are concerned with the state of the globe and want to make positive changes.

I had wonderful hosts; my friends Ottarr and Svanborg. Their beautiful apartment is covered with walls and walls of books. We had many chats on many subjects which is always fun for me. We also visited their summer home which is in middle of a forest. Iceland was sunny for 6 days and very green. I had never experienced such beautiful weather on any of my previous trips.

Iceland is a country of very bright, independent, creative people. They are very stylish in fashion, in an unusual way.

I will be back in Toronto for a very few days before heading to Newfoundland, and the Icebergs.

PS: Iceland is a little concerned about their economy again, but feels they are in better shape to weather any storm, much better than the last crisis. Apparently WOW Airlines went Bankrupt, so at the moment fewer tourists are arriving. I feel the tourists will continue to come because Iceland is now on peoples list. I have never heard anyone say Iceland wasn’t worth the trip.




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Short update with a few pictures

Very busy time in Toronto, catching up with everything, will write more after Iceland next week.
In the meantime, a few pictures.


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In very chilly Toronto!

I arrived in the middle of April and I am still wearing my down jacket, just crazy! I am here until the end of May. I am catching up with friends and family, shopping, Doctors, etc.

I am saddened by what our Prime Minister is doing. Trudeau is a very nice human being, but he is having a tough time with politics and the media now. I hope he can overcome. His father was client of mine for a short time many years ago. What a brain and how it worked!!!

It is a joy to see the Grandkids grow and flourish. I just returned from Montreal to see my great friend Eric. Montreal is a very cool city. It feels like a European city, particularly old Montreal and the flooding is very real.

The new renovated BK centre is very impressive,  and has name of.. Inspiration House….very well done. We hosted Dr Partap’s (CEO of Global Hospital) sister and brother in law at the centre.

The Screenplay of My Way is now completed. We shall see what happens. I would love to see it made before I die. Movies take a long time.

Off to Iceland end of May!

At new BK Centre in Toronto with guests from India, sister and brother in law of Dr Partap, CEO of Global Hospital.

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Greece Visit

I am here in Thessaloniki, Greece to see my friends Ana and Velko, and their 2 beautiful children. The weather hasn’t been sunny, and even rainy, which is unusual .

I had sent a package from India, which has been held up in Athens Customs since April 1st. It is now the 11th, and I leave tomorrow. I had brought clothes as gifts for the family  and had myself a custom made  Ladies tuxedo from Goa, which I have always wanted. Athens Customs wants money, extortion or corruption,  whatever you want to  call it, which I will pay, but they still have long procedure before it is released  if ever!

Greece is part of the European Union and they are not supposed to act like this, but they are. I even called the Canadian Embassy in Athens. They were very quick. They called customs and called me right back to tell me it had been released from Customs, which was a lie.

We shall see, whatever it will cost me and my poor Tuxedo will have travelled the world, India, Greece, UK and hopefully Canada.

I bought Tux for my Daughter Jody’s wedding in October in Toronto. We shall see. Meanwhile, I just love the Greek food!

Back to UK, then Canada.


Other news, I met a young man in hotel lobby in Cambridge UK. He is talent identifier for a major international agency. They handle Jay Z, Drake and many sport stars as agents. They have requested more information on me, who knows if and where this will take me.

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Near the end of India visit!

Eight more days left of a very successful trip! My friend Geeta;  I say a very big THANK YOU  for the wonderful accommodations at the Lake Inn Hotel. The staff there bent over backwards to fulfill my needs. They were not too used to Westerners. I would also like to thank John. He is in charge of food and beverage at the main hotel – Hotel Hilllock. He looked after all of my food needs without spice, onion and garlic, and the Chef was very creative with salads. John was also in charge of my travel.

I have also had physiotherapy every day for my hand, which has been necessary to gain mobility. I have been seeing a wonderful new Doctor at the Global Hospital, Hemalatha, really cared about treatment and I must admit, if doctors in UK had told me what to expect I would have lived with crooked finger.

It is a Holiday here today called Holi Festival of Colors. This morning I was serenaded at breakfast by drums. Water and coloured powder are worn by people, like a mask on their face. Happy Celebrations!

Being within walking distance of the BK complex has also made this trip special. I have met up with many old friends from around the world and have attended a few programs.

As far as my book goes it has been very successful. I have accessed all interviews, around 40, and have written a background and relationships to all. I have now passed on to my collaborator, many notebooks and a first draft of book should be ready in few months.

This trip to India has had special feel, a feeling of belonging! Only time will tell.

Only in India, next door to my hotel, restaurant was put together in one day.

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Fun Pictures!!

Only in India; Enjoy!

Fireworks in Mt Abu

Only in India, convertible!

More of the car

Heidi, long time resident of Mt Abu from Switzerland!

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