Down Under and Other Things!!

Australia, I was there for about 3 weeks, staying in the forest, at retreat centers that were all magnificent, and all very different and unique, I also spent a week with my lovely friend Barbara in Melbourne, which I love, it is very livable city (it reminds me of Vancouver). There is loads of culture... Continue Reading →

Happy Holidays to All!!!

Greetings from Australia, note to say, Happy Holidays from sunny. Melbourne, I will be in Hobart Tasmania for Christmas and New Year's, with friends Mary and Chris in house by the sea. Thank you to all that support and view my Blog! All the very best for 2015! The Nomadic Intern Betty

Stunning Mauritius, Africa!!

Mauritius is so UNLIKE the Africa I know, gentle people, systems and structures that work. I had to pinch myself for my luck to be there on my journey. It has population of million and half people; it’s tropical (very hot) and is about 100 miles long. They call it a dot in the Indian... Continue Reading →

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