France and Barcelona

Courtyard Panorama Last week I left Palma, I flew to Barcelona and took the high speed train on a 2 hour trip to France to see my friend Pat from Toronto. I had met Pat about 5 years ago at a documentary film festival and we became friends. She lived down the street, she talked... Continue Reading →

Palma revisited

Well, I arrived back in Palma 5 days ago. I must admit it felt a little bit like home. I am staying in the city centre behind the very large department store and it is brilliant! It really is a one stop shop with a post office, shoe repair, massive Supermarket, bank, and much more!I... Continue Reading →

Follow Up

As a follow up to my Phillip Seymour Hoffman Blog, Jim Carey posted a lovely tweet, which I think said it all!!! DEAR PHILLIP A BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL SOUL, FOR THE MOST SENSITIVE AMONG US THE NOISE CAN BE TOO MUCH. BLESS YOUR HEART JC

My daughter Jody and Spencer and Dawson special grandchildren (aren't they all!)

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