INDIA, Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University or BK-Land (as I call it)!

Well, I am finally ready to come out of the closet about my visits to India! My first visit to India was 1990 as the guest of the Brahma Kumaris's “Peace of Mind” Retreat, and I had a very tough time emotionally, seeing the poverty, the dirt, the garbage, the crowds, and the sickness in Mumbai,... Continue Reading →

You Asked for Pictures!!

Here they are!! I have a couple of comments upon leaving Yagon, Mynamar. I have flown many strange airlines over the years, but Malaysia airlines, I would never fly again. The flight attendants are rude, they don't care, they are asleep on the job, there were cancelled flights, everything was all over the place, and... Continue Reading →

Incredible Myanmar

These pictures are of me leaving Penang, which was very tough to leave!! I am in Yangon, Myanmar, and this is just an incredible place!!! 300 Ethnic groups here, and I will quote my Lonely Planet Guide, “You feel you have stepped into an issue of National Geographic around 1910, with no Starbucks in sight!”... Continue Reading →

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