Watching Paint Dry or Peel – whatever the saying is!!

I have just spent 3 weeks in Granada, Nicaragua, as base for my travels in this country. I am not sure what to say, for the first time I was little bored, which for me is strange (not much culture around) The history of this country is tough, and President Daniel Ortega is still in... Continue Reading →

The Culture of Aging

I am writing this sitting in my favourite restaurant in Granada, Nicaragua, The Garden Café, I’m having breakfast, a strawberry smoothie, coconut French toast, fruit bowl, and coffee (the best). In the last week I have been thinking about aging and the different ways the senior population are treated around the world! (Seen through my... Continue Reading →

Costa Rica!

I was first here in 1992 before tourism and big hotels, I loved the country, people were very gentle and would do anything they could for you, and my favourite hotel room was a down filled hammock on the beach! Well, not anymore, it is very expensive for the tourist and customer service doesn't exist,... Continue Reading →

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