Updated version of my dream: Betty’s Mountain Top……

I am taking the liberty of posting latest version of Betty's Mountain Top, this is the concept I will be researching as I travel this year in a much more serious way and as I said in last blog I am putting together group of International Advisors to assist me, as idea develops. I also... Continue Reading →

Doing check up on my life!!

It is nearly a year ago, that I made the decision to give up my apartment in downtown Toronto and give some of my furniture to friends in return for place to hang my hat when I return from travel. Am I sorry? Absolutely not, it is not always easy, but always interesting, my new... Continue Reading →


Traveled to Newfoundland for my annual visit. It was rainy, chilly and foggy, and all in all very miserable weather for 20 days. We had 2 hours of sun one day and 6 hours another day, hard to believe, but that's the truth. I always love visiting the rock (as it is called) and my... Continue Reading →

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