My First Three Days!!

The ship was built in 2006, sails under French flag, and is named La Traviata. It is 334 meters in length, beam is 43 meters, gross tonnage is 91,410 tons , holds 8,440 containers, if it is dangerous cargo, they are told what is inside, if not they don't know. My cabin is large. It... Continue Reading →

CCM La Traviata Freighter!

I am boarding the freighter in Southhampton UK. I am very excited about my new adventure! Derek my driver picked me up early morning for the drive to the South of England. Paul very kindly is storing 8 suitcases for me until I arrive back in Cambridge from India.  I will have 3 days to sort out luggage, before... Continue Reading →

2 Weeks in My Life!

I am at Madingley College in Cambridge for the weekend taking a course on the work of Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen (brilliant and fun)‎, with very good leaders. Tomorrow I am back to packing, as I leave the UK for the time being on the Freighter. My luggage issues are interesting.  When I started my Nomadic Journey... Continue Reading →

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