Holidays Greetings from Bali

It is between 35 and 38 here. It’s the rainy season, however rain doesn't last long! Not much of Christmas here, because of the large Hindu and Muslim population! The only place you hear about Christmas is at large hotels, they will have dinner for the tourists, more about Bali later! I have tried in... Continue Reading →

Gentle, Charming, Goa!!

I had 10 lovely days in Goa, and spur of the moment arrangements were done as only the BK's can. I stayed in a flat with Sister Maduri who was just lovely and did everything for me possible, plus she was a wonderful cook, she wouldn't let me lift a finger! I wanted to buy... Continue Reading →

Follow up on Chennai!

I have waited for 5 days and the weather was not improving, people were sick, about 300 had died so far, airport was still closed. I sent email to Prashant in Cambridge UK, because I knew he was from Goa, and I asked his advice. He sent very fast reply with a welcome and I... Continue Reading →

India – one of my Heart Homes!!!

‎Well, I will start this blog off backward; I am in Ahmadabad. Just hanging out and getting bored waiting to go to Chennai, to start trip around Southern India, they have been having heavy rains for 2 weeks, now the roads are rivers with boats and airport is closed, massive holes in roads, they have... Continue Reading →

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