MY WAY by Betty Steinhauer

My Way, the story of my life was published in India 6 years ago and is still selling on Amazon. 

After my book was published, the Publisher went out of business, so I have never seen a penny from the sale of the book, it is going somewhere, I just don’t know where.

At one point I sent email to Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon,  his reply was he couldn’t reveal where the money was going, but I should hire a lawyer.

My reply if it was selling like Eat, Pray, Love, I would do that, but until then, no lawyers .

I have met young woman here, who is a computer whiz by the name of Shannon.

I do now have the rights to the book, so we will start selling from my Blog, I was a  little uncomfortable with this decision, but everyone who reads it, says it is a very honest book, a quick read, like having a conversation with me, and as you know I have had quite the life.

Please read some of the book endorsements and comments below. 

Enjoy !

“This book is about overcoming adversity and finding the silver lining in every cloud that comes along to steal the light. My dear friend Betty Steinhauer lost her father while still very young and had to fend for herself and her mentally ill mother from a very young age. She persevered and found herself a wife and mother in the suburbs of Toronto, but a voice inside her was calling on her to do far more with her life. From housewife to community activist, she was soon running an international foundation and subsidizing projects in some of the poorest countries in the world. From there, she went on to meet world and spiritual leaders, often a guest at international meetings and conferences on community building. Through it all, she continued to pursue her deep and abiding love for India and engage in some very tender and romantic love affairs. Today, in her mid 70s, she continues to travel the world as what she refers to as a “nomadic intern”, still as much a student of life as when she was a small girl.

This is a deeply moving story of what I have come to realize is a remarkable woman who sees humanity as one family, sharing far more commonality than differences. The way she is able to reach out and help people all over the globe is nothing short of inspirational and shows what we can accomplish if we focus on the positive, the light and never stop loving each other especially at our most vulnerable moments. A delightful and purely inspirational read that may well change how you look at your own life.” – Gordon Mcivor.

“A candid story of resilience amidst life’s extreme adversities.”–Brahma Kumari Shivani, Spiritual Counsellor, India

“This splendid book is an essential template for life’s journey, loaded with fascinating insights through a universal view of the world.”–Dr Bill Hogarth, Chair, Seneca College, Toronto, Canada; Director of Education (retired), Province of Ontario, Canada

A quest across the world to find the secret code of happiness. The inspiring journey of a woman’s head and heart.

Betty Steinhauer’s remarkably honest autobiography is an extraordinary journey of a woman’s head and heart in the face of adversities—and a quest for perfect love. 

Betty’s learning about accepting began early. She was raped when she was 13. At 15, she lost her father and had to pick up the reins of the household, with her mother perpetually ill and suffering from schizophrenia. More heartbreak followed. Her first love died in a car crash. And then, the loss of a child and her growing career took a toll on her marriage. She built her business, working with the leading lights of Canada’s private and public sector, and came to be referred to as “orchestra leader” and “the one who pulls the strings”. Simultaneously, her People’s Bridge Charitable Foundation facilitated far-reaching changes in the lives of ordinary people on four continents.

This is the story of a life lived with passion, courage and attitude, a treasure hunt for the meaning of living and loving that spans the globe, with India at its center. My Way will be an inspiration to any woman seeking to forge her own destiny and identify the joy within. 

Buy your digital copy of “My Way” today for just $4.98

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