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The Nomadic Intern, Betty Steinhauer
Betty Steinhauer
The Nomadic Intern
Palma de Mallorca
November 2013
Photo: Vicki McLeod

Betty Steinhauer was born in England and raised in Toronto, Canada. Even as a young mother, Betty was active in the community sitting on a number of boards and lending her expertise to various public organizations.  In 1983, she founded Betty Steinhauer & Associates Ltd. a consulting firm where, for twenty-five years, she used her unique abilities to act as a catalyst, facilitator and advisor to both the private and public sectors, in forging relationships between organizations and/or individuals for mutually advantageous outcomes.

For many years, Betty travelled widely in out-of-the-way areas of the world.  As she travelled, the idea for The People Bridge Charitable Foundation was formed.  The People Bridge was registered as a Canadian charity in 1997.  The mandate of the Foundation was to facilitate important changes in the lives of ordinary people through small-scale charitable projects.  Betty has now retired the Foundation that, during its lifetime, undertook over 100 projects worldwide, mostly in conjunction with organizations already working in the target area.

Betty’s experience and expertise in business, along with the advice and assistance she receives from colleagues around the globe, give her a unique ability to spot the need and understand how it can be met.  Betty has the unusual combination of an entrepreneur’s abilities and an intrinsic understanding of people.

Betty has visited India seventeen times in the past twenty years to pursue her spiritual journey.  She has frequently been a guest of the Brahma Kumaris and the World Spiritual University to study meditation and further her own spiritual life.  Betty is currently active with the Steering Committee of the Spirit of Humanity Forum, in Reykjavik, Iceland.  This is an annual Forum that, it is felt, will become to the spiritual world what the Davos Forum is to the financial world.

Betty makes her home in Toronto, and has published her memoir “My Way”. She began her Nomadic Internship in the summer of 2013.

The author of this blog is Betty Steinhauer and she holds the copyright to all content.

The administrator of this blog is VM (Vicki McLeod).

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  1. Betty!
    It has been over a decade since we have seen each other or spoken.
    You were such an incredible force of female empowerment, fostering my creative spirit and curiosity when many wanted to keep me in a box as a child.

    I forever cherish our Hanukkah’s together and special visits

    Please feel free to contact me. Would love to connect, hear more of your spiritual journey and share mine

    Sending love and light always xoxo

    Devon Timbrell

  2. Hello Betty, I enjoy your latest blog very much, please go on with your blogs in the future. I am looking forward to them…

  3. Betty
    I have read with interest your various blogs and information about your travel experiences. In particular I liked reading about your transatlantic voyage on a cargo ship and your diary/log. I have just completed my first freighter voyage and also written a log/diary. I would like to send you a copy of this and would value your comments from such an experienced mariner.
    I cannot find your email address despite the wonders of google. I will include my email address here here and if you are able to respond I will forward you my log and other information. I would be delighted to hear from you.
    My email address is: stephenj_merrill@yahoo.com

    Best wishes
    Steve Merrill

  4. Thank you joana!Betty Sent from my BlackBerry 10 smartphone on the Rogers network. From: The Nomadic InternSent: Thursday, June 15, 2017 8:42 PMTo: bettypbf@interlog.comReply To: comment+c3kfn79j_6sk4o9zx79ghf6@comment.wordpress.comSubject: [The Nomadic Intern ] Comment: “About Betty ”

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  5. Hello Betty,
    I’m so happy I had the luck to hear you and meet you In Brahama Kumaris, in Lisbon, last Sunday.
    Thank you so much for reigniting the hope in me 🙂
    Your story make me belive everything Is possible and your words made me want to take some steps, instead of keeping waiting for answers, too afraid that they were negative, or that I may fail.
    I have hope I wiil meet you again someday, maybe in your Mountain Top 🙂

    From the bottom of my (sometimes mixed) heart, thank you so much for beeing!

    Joana M. Cordeiro

  6. Hi Betty-

    It was very nice meeting you at the Watertown
    BK Center tonite. I thoroughly enjoyed your talk.
    I was the one who enquires about how to get involved
    with one of youe charitable organizations. Do you have an email
    I can reach you at?

    Enjoy your stay in Boston if you are staying back 🙂

    Om Shanti (from a BK)

  7. I am just reading Margaret Trudeau’s book and your section especially drew me in. I retired 4 years ago, and while the freedom is great, a traumatic illness has left me with fear of everything as the “what-ifs” override logic and enthusiasm. I travelled a lot before my husband died in 2004. Not so much since 2008, when I was ill. Your story may just be the catalyst I need to get myself beyond the fear to enjoy travel again, even if I have to go alone! Thanks for that. Carol

  8. Hi

    I see that patrick powell left you a comment who runs his sobriety guest house in thailand. This man absconded from Ireland with 90k from me, my husband and four children. Be very careful when dealing with him, especially if money is involved. Feel free to contact me should you wish.

  9. HI Betty,

    Am 61 year old Irishman residing in Thailand for 5 years.
    Have just started a wellness and rehab home called Sobriety Holidays.
    My journey has been very difficult both financially and in many other ways trying to start a new business in a strange country.but my vision is still very strong and I will persist.

    There is a niche in the market worldwide for affordable rehab.
    We want to pitch our price below 90 dollars a day which includes full board and the cost of all programs.We are basing our idea on Exercise,Good Nutrition,Meditation and being close to Nature.Its not all about money.If we reached our quota,maximum 12 people we could give a scholarship to 3 needy people per month.

    Our website is not complete,needs a lot more refining and optimizing.
    Want to start slowly until we are up to sped with our programs.
    Starting with a stop smoking program in 2 months and just running the premises as a Guesthouse for cash flow reasons.but the aim is to convert to a wellness center in 5 months.Have no medical experience but have experienced the ups and downs of life and have researched the imbalances that one suffers during their journey.

    You seem to have a vast experience in many different fields but you seem to be a very busy lady.
    Could you for see helping me with my vision in any way?

    Would love to hear your thoughts.



  10. Hello Betty, I would like to say how proud I am to have known you in the 50’s and 60’s. You have been a great example of a life well lived.
    Maureen Travers Donnelly

  11. Betty: thank you for sending me the link to your blog. I must speak with you. We are formulating our own journey to do what you have done with People Bridge. We will make an exploratory trip to South America. We’ll probably start out in Medellin Colombia. As World Service Chair of my Rotary Club, we have already funded 2 projects in Colombia. A micro lending operation and a Health Ed program for poor teenages around sexal health. I can use Rotary International to connect and to do some work, but will probably need to connect with NGOs as well. Your trip sounds great. Get me a good time and number to call you at. I’ll Viber you or Skype you. Which is better? Love to you. Barbara

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