The Nomadic Intern? What’s that?

The year 2013 has been and continues to be a very eventful year in my life!

So, why have I decided to start this adventure?

At the beginning of the year, on January 15th I was hit by a car as I was crossing the street: the driver was texting. I don’t remember the accident at all, even to this day. I spent the next three months working with a trainer and chiropractor getting the strength back in my body. I still have tender parts of my skull ten months later.

The next event was turning seventy and experiencing the feeling of total freedom. I still had my health even though I had outlived both of my parents.

Then I attended a conference called International Living in Mexico, where people were giving speeches about what it was like to live in different parts of the world, and that’s when the penny dropped that this is what I was looking for. I was having a drink with a friend from Penang in Malaysia who said to me after about 20 minutes: you are not looking for one place, because you are a real TRAVELLER and the world is your home!!! That made sense to me.

I was in New York when another friend came up with The Nomadic Intern title, but did I have the nerve to give up apartment, my base in Toronto and just travel? I was still not completely sure.

Then a very weird thing happened: friends offered to  set up a room for me (giving me a safety net and a new family to boot), with my  bedroom furniture in return for some of my stuff.

So with that the last piece was in place, and The Nomadic Intern was ready to begin her studies.

The Nomadic Intern, Betty Steinhauer
Betty Steinhauer
The Nomadic Intern
Palma de Mallorca
November 2013
Photo: Vicki McLeod

I had successfully published my memoir “My Way” the previous year in 2012. This has served me well as a calling card on my travels, and now I hope this blog will contribute as well.


9 thoughts on “The Nomadic Intern? What’s that?

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  1. Betty, it,s great to say hello and how proud I am to have known you. I only wish we could have had more time as teenagers. I would have learned so much from you. Maureen Travers

  2. Well, you need no help from a friend I see. You my friend seem to keep reinventing yourself as you go along your journey. Good to hear from you and the article was great, keep us all posted.
    Is this as exciting as you thought it would be??
    Love Julie NYC

  3. Betty, that article is wonderful… your message is distilling and becoming more powerful and inspiring everyday!

    Can’t wait to see you tan some day when you come to your Canadian home-away-from-home, away-from-home, etc. How many homes do you have now?


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