Community Bus!!

I am living in the country, about 45 minutes outside of Cambridge‎, in a village called Great Staughton. It has 2 pubs, a butcher, a hair salon, one large church, a village hall, and that's all. I am a few minutes outside of St Neots. It’s a very busy town with all the shops and... Continue Reading →

Lisbon Portugal!

Hot, sunny, nice, lovely people, safe, inexpensive, and tourists are flocking to this city and helping the economy big time. I should also say it is a very stylist city in many areas with beautiful fashion; but they don't have a Uniglo store yet! Malls have shoe areas, jewelry etc. It really helps with competing... Continue Reading →


I have moved into the family home! I have a separate entrance and everything I need. It’s not the like the big home I was living in, but I am very comfortable here. The previous place, I wasn’t comfortable in at all! In fact, it kept getting more uncomfortable. I take things at face value.... Continue Reading →

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