Sarajevo, Bosnia

I just spent 4 days in Sarajevo and I am going to try and write about, what I saw, what people told me, and my own feelings. I came here to meet up with my friend, Sandra, from Croatia, and spend time with the BK family! It has been quite intense, with lots of learning!... Continue Reading →


I am writing this from a lounge in the Zurich Airport, after a great flight from Miami on Swiss Air, waiting to go to Sarajevo, with Columbia as a memory. I have my sense of humor back, it was rough few days!!! I won't dwell on the negatives, I only want to say, I don't... Continue Reading →

Medellin, Columbia

I nearly resigned my Nomadic status in the last 2 days! Now I should say Medellin is absolutely very beautiful, it has great art, the city is built in the bowl of 2 mountain peaks, breathtaking, lots of greenery, it is very clean, people are helpful, beautiful women. But boy oh boy getting here and... Continue Reading →

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