I am staying at a beautiful ranch in Mallorca, out in the countryside, so I have hired a driver to take me to the city for appointments, etc. He has an old convertible, which is fun. Although small, Palma is quite a sophisticated city because of the many yachts which come here for repairs from... Continue Reading →


I spent the last 10 days in the UK at my friend Simon's in London. Thank you Simon for even giving up your bedroom for me—and I always enjoy attending the Proms concert with you. I was also at my friend Jenny's in Bakewell; it is always lovely to see Jenny. We met in Cambridge,... Continue Reading →

Betty’s Mountain Top

Many years ago, I was working in Jamaica and had a very good friend who was a Diplomat by the name of Kay Baxter (she sadly passed away at very young age) but as we traveled Jamaica, we would talk about growing old and how we wanted an interesting life with interesting people as we... Continue Reading →

Palma revisited

Well, I arrived back in Palma 5 days ago. I must admit it felt a little bit like home. I am staying in the city centre behind the very large department store and it is brilliant! It really is a one stop shop with a post office, shoe repair, massive Supermarket, bank, and much more!I... Continue Reading →

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