I am staying at a beautiful ranch in Mallorca, out in the countryside, so I have hired a driver to take me to the city for appointments, etc. He has an old convertible, which is fun.

Although small, Palma is quite a sophisticated city because of the many yachts which come here for repairs from around the world. So, it boasts great restaurants, funky areas and the sea at your doorstep.

Kelly and JP work very hard because of the large property and many animals. They usually have Workaways that come from around the world to volunteer on the ranch in return for room and board, but they are waiting for the next couple to arrive.

Kelly and I worked on the HeartMath project. I have introduced Kelly to my friends on the island, and yesterday Kelly led a successful program which will hopefully lead to other opportunities for her. I am looking very forward to getting back to Ajijic—to my life there and my friends.

Great to connect here with Manuela, who is a model and life trainer. She is a beautiful friend I met on my first visit here (this is my fourth visit). And there is Glynis, who is like a fireball! She knows everyone, has many jobs, and cares! The last time I was here I stayed with her mother, Patricia, who has since passed away. Patricia was a very, very special spiritual lady. We had many inspiring chats.

I will leave here on September 5th to arrive in New York for a program organized by the BK’s. Those attending are from around the world and, like me, are good friends of the BK’s. I then will return back to Mexico…let’s hope flights are fine and luggage arrives.

I will update!


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