My memories of Phillip Seymour Hoffman!


Rest In Peace

I arrived in Palma Mallorca yesterday and I just heard that my very favourite actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman just passed away at 46 .I first saw him in New York many years ago in 2 person play with John C Riley. Sitting in the front row of very small off Broadway theatre, I was in awe of his skill as an actor; I was just lost in the depth of emotion! He brought a Rawness and honesty to every performance whether it was Long Day’s Journey, Death of a Salesman or even Hunger Games, which I just saw last week!!!

I had the privilege of meeting him twice. Once when he was sitting behind me in a little off Broadway theatre watching a show he had directed. A second time when I turned 60. I was in NY at the box office buying ticket for Long Day’s Journey in the middle of the afternoon and who walked out of the stage door but Philip. In old jeans, a tee shirt that was too small with cigarette hanging out of his mouth, I was in awe!

I went over and mumbled something about my 60th birthday and how much I had enjoyed him and would he please give me his Autograph (never had I done this before). The problem was I had nothing for him to sign except street map of New York. we had to borrow a pen, but he was very gracious and patient as I was trying to get my act together (I was a mess)!

The map was framed and hung over my desk for many years until his signature faded with the sun. He was one of the special souls in the world .THANK YOU for the many hours of enjoyment you gave me over the years. I would fly to NY, just to see him perform in a play. MR HOFFMAN, MAY YOU REST IN PEACE! 
From a fan 
P.S he goes along side James Dean in my world!!!


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