Palma revisited

Betty in her favourite hang out in Palma!
Betty in her favourite hang out in Palma!

Well, I arrived back in Palma 5 days ago. I must admit it felt a little bit like home. I am staying in the city centre behind the very large department store and it is brilliant! It really is a one stop shop with a post office, shoe repair, massive Supermarket, bank, and much more!

I am staying in very large old apartment that was found for me by Vicki, who wrote an article on me when I first arrived in Majorca. I’m sure this apartment in its day was very grand. The flat goes on forever, you could almost get lost in it! I have a bedroom with a terrace and bathroom. As well as a very large sitting room with another terrace; which in the sun is gorgeous. And I can’t forget to mention the Sky TV! Annie the owner is an Acupuncturist and is very nice.

I have spent the last few days seeing friends and catching up. The weather has been for the most part very nice. Sun and 16 degrees but little bit of rain today. I hear Toronto’s weather is just a mess right now.

Today I am at American Hustle, the only movie playing in English in Palma .I saw this before but I didn’t really understand why all the accolades. I did enjoy it more second time around, but I still say Christian Bale should have been nominated, not Bradley Cooper!

The Peace Centre I was helping put a structure around is no longer around. The owner wanted it back and since contract wasn’t signed yet, my friend made decision to give it up! Sadly it could have made big difference in the lives of many people. We are having Italian lunch there on Saturday and then back to movies for a second time.

 I am looking around for a place where I can watch the Academy awards on March 2nd; we are 6 hours ahead so it will be long night! Next week I fly to Toulouse France for a few days to see my friend Pat. Then On my way back, I will spend 2 days sightseeing in the beautiful city of Barcelona.

 Doctor Thuli, my young friend from London is coming to Palma on 22nd of February. We will be staying at a hotel enjoying the offseason rates! Thuli is a swimmer and goes to the North Sea in April and swims! So we’ve found a hotel that has 2 pools. Both unheated, so this shouldn’t be problem for her, but for me it might be a big problem!!

On the 24th I am off to Rome for 4 days to meet my artist friend from Tasmania, and back to Palma for March.

 I have been giving a lot of thought to why I am really doing my version of Nomadic life, with good accommodations, food, laundry service and manicures. The bottom line is I love to move around on bus, train, plane or walking. It’s a crazy adventure to me.

 I am learning all the time that this life isn’t always perfect. Experiencing language, different standards than Canada, sometimes worse, sometimes better. For example in this movie theatre, the screen is the largest I have ever seen, I Would say twice if not more than our theatres and it goes part way around wall . Maybe this is where they show opera etc.

I have a Concert tonight with Yacht friends from Chicago, so enough of my rambling!!! Please be in touch with your thoughts, what you like, don’t like, questions, whatever! I love to hear your comments.

Last item, I promise! The largest cruise ship in the world, “Allure of the seas” will be stopping at Palma during the season once a week. It holds 7400 people and even has the first Starbucks at sea. They don’t like ships here in Palma. But today it did its weekly stop and the passengers ran around with cameras all morning, then back to ship for lunch (they don’t spend money in Palma)! Even I felt the intrusion!


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