I spent the last 10 days in the UK at my friend Simon’s in London. Thank you Simon for even giving up your bedroom for me—and I always enjoy attending the Proms concert with you. I was also at my friend Jenny’s in Bakewell; it is always lovely to see Jenny. We met in Cambridge, UK very early in my travel days.

I feel the UK is in very bad shape: workplaces are very short of employees, doctors’ offices don’t have staff…even Boots Pharmacy, when they don’t have enough staff, just closes!! The idea of another Prime Minister, I just don’t see that helping at all. Young people seem just fine collecting benefits and not working. Brexit is, in my mind, a disaster. It has left the UK very isolated from the European Union and, as a traveler, I can see this has led to lots of line-ups (which were not there before) at security, passport control, luggage arrivals…they are all affected.

I arrived in Mallorca (Majorca) with my luggage; to play it safe, I had bought smart tracking tags for my suitcases. I am staying with my friend Kelly and husband JP. Kelly is Canadian and JP is Swiss. They have a lovely, very large property with about 30 animals: horses, goats, hens, dogs and many cats. Kelly is just marvelous with all the animals, but it is a lot of work. I hope to help Kelly, who has become an accredited teacher/mentor, set-up a HeartMath project.

Looking forward to being here in Mallorca. There are a tremendous amount of artists, etc., with a lot of very bright people from around the world. Loads of skills and talents. And it will be fun to connect with friends again. It is a very hot 96 degrees here, and it looks like it is staying that way for at least the next two weeks.

Take care everyone!



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  1. Always fun to see what you’re up to, Betty! Merri and I are still RV’ing in the US; currently in Massachusetts.

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