I was very sad to hear of the Queen’s passing. I have followed the Royals since I was a little girl. We came to Canada when I was four and my relatives in England used to send me booklets about the Royals every month…I loved them.

The only member I have met is Princess Anne. I was introducing her at a business luncheon in Toronto and I received a set of rules: wear white gloves and a hat, which I didn’t own. At this point in time a very fancy store in Toronto was selling hats, so I bought one and I was really bad; I returned the hat the day after the function…it matched my outfit perfectly!

The other big treat I received was an invite to spend three days at Windsor Castle in a think tank, where I lived right in the castle. I was in heaven running around the grounds, meeting the Knights and Lords that lived there, going to midnight service at St George’s Chapel. The closest I came to seeing the Queen was meeting the dogwalker with the Queen’s six Corgis dogs. Staying at the castle is one of the highlights of my life!.

I have such respect for this lady. She showed the world how to be truly of service with such caring, humanity and humility…she was the true definition of the word! When I saw the picture two days before she passed, with the new Prime Minister, I knew death was close; there was so much light in her face and eyes—she was ready.

You will be missed by the world, but now you can join your husband Prince Phillip—your rock and best friend—in a very special place. Your leadership was so valuable to the world, showing your skills on how to bring nations and people together in a very subtle way. And your sense of humour, such as having tea with Paddington Bear, was priceless; I am still laughing about the marmalade sandwich in your bag.



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  1. Oooh! I’d love to hear about your stay at Windsor Castle. Have you read: The Windsor Knot or All the Queen’s Men, by SJ Bennet? I think you’d like them…

  2. Betty, yours is a heart-felt tribute on a loss that we all feel. In 1952 I stood with my mother in a line on the Embankment as we waited our turn to file past the coffin of King George VI in the Great Hall of Westminster. All those memories came flooding back this week.

    For your interest, I’ll forward a couple of other messages about the Queen that I have received. A long link to our past has been broken, and I can’t imagine what comes next.


  3. Betty,  I too am very sad.  We knew it was coming, but when it happens it is still a shock. My Mom was British so we all grew up knowing about the Queen and I am thankful for that.  I will miss her mucho. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Brian

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