These thoughts  have come from my old friend Michael who is a retired Politics Science Professor in California.

Abortion is Not Just About Privacy But Moderny Slavery!

When a person’s freedom of choice is taken from them and they no longer are in control of their body without permission by the state, they become slaves. The courts understand “involuntary servitude” as “forced labor” and when a woman is forced by the state or a person to carry a fetus neither wanted or planned, that is “involuntary servitude”. In 1865, the United States abolished slavery and “involuntary servitude” through the thirteenth amendment.

This amendment prohibits slavery and “involuntary servitude”, and thus nullifies an individual’s claim to have an absolute property right in the body of another or to have given such a right in his own body. When the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade (1973) they effectively enslaved 167.5 million women to the state, their husbands or partners. This is not just an issue of privacy…it is slavery and “involuntary servitude”!

In Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, the court declared there is no privacy rights in the Constitution that allows a woman to have an abortion, leaving abortion rights to be controlled either by each state or by the federal government.  Under the new ruling, a state can declare abortions illegal. Justice Thomas implied that states could also make every item to do with reproduction illegal such as birth control pills, devices, even condoms and even prosecute women who have miscarriages. Making women handmaidens to the state or their husbands and partners.

The thirteenth amendment was added to make sure that slavery would never exist again in America. Men and women were the property of their slave holders, the owners who were protected by the state and given absolute domination over their property. Women’s reproduction rights were controlled by their slave masters. Today, each state is the new slave master! The Supreme Court has returned America back to the 1860’s and reinstated modern slavery of American women.

This struggle is not about privacy, but slavery, by denying women the freedom to control their body. What will you do to stop the tyranny of this ultra-right virus?


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  1. Betty, when I was in Alabama, many, many years ago, I was told that a woman who wanted to avoid pregnancy should take an aspiring …… and keep it between her knees.


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