Well, here I am in the Mexico City airport, arriving from Guadalajara early, as sometimes they cancel planes and I am very comfortable in the lounge.

I am sad to leave Ajijic…my friends, the culture and the music. Yesterday, I was asking myself: will I come back? Yes, I will! I feel very fortunate to have found this Village. I lost the place I was going to move to. The lady left in the middle of the night. So appears the landlady has to rent before I arrive, which is fine. I hate to sign leases; it takes away my freedom. Weird, but true!

I will spend May in-and-around Toronto, and in June visit friends in Cold Lake (Alberta), Montreal and Newfoundland before I travel to the UK, where my plan is to have a big sale of all my suitcases and clothes.

I felt very fortunate to have spent the COVID time in Mexico: it was easy, there was no fear, and the weather was great.


4 thoughts on “LEAVING AJIJIC

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  1. You are an inspiration Betty! And finally no more carrying all of those suitcases around…

  2. Betty, shall we meet at The National Club at noon on Thursday?


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