Well, I arrived in Toronto two hours late, and at 1:00am there were no lines at the airport. Rochelle, who I call my daughter-in-law, was there to meet me—which was brilliant. When I got to Customs the officer said ‘go ahead’. I said that, after spending two hours with my friend Brian in Mexico filling out the Government Arrival Form, he had to ask me at least one question…and he laughed!!

I am staying at Rochelle and David’s home. David is the son of Allan, whom I had a 15-year relationship with. I call Rochelle my daughter-in-law and, with David, they are parents to two of my grandkids, Megan and Ben. I am using their home as a base as I travel around visiting people. They are being very generous to allow me to do this.

My first visit was to Hamilton to see my daughter Julie and her cat, Pumpkin Pie, for a few days. Hamilton is about one hour from Toronto. It has been two years since I last visited.

Next, I was off to see my friend Erin in North Bay, which (by bus) is five hours straight north of Toronto. Erin owns the flower shop in town and has a beautiful home right on Lake Nippising. We spent a lovely few days together catching up and I even gave away two small suitcases of clothes I had stored there.

Next I visited Jenny, where I spent the weekend catching up with the BK family at three centers. I became quite emotional, which was strange. Oh…before Jenny, I spent three days with my very old friend Lee, who had just broken her arm. Lee was the very first feminist I knew when I was a young mother, who told me I shouldn’t change my last name at time of marrying. I had never heard that before…this was over 40 years ago!

This week, I have my second lunch with good friend Jeffrey at the National Club, which is always a treat. While in downtown Toronto, I felt fear in people and very low energy, which I had never felt in Mexico during the pandemic. I am so used to saying hello to people on the streets in Ajijic; when I did that here, people looked at me very oddly.

For rest of this week I am with friends Gordon and Maureen, my grandson Dawson, and I will see my favorite hairdresser Bill—which will be a treat.

Next week, I am on a plane to Edmonton, where I will have a day-visit with my old friend Judy of nearly 50 years before I go to Clear Lake, Alberta to spend 10 days with Frank and Linda. Then, on to Montreal for a weekend with Eric.

Enough for now! My luggage is parked here and I am travelling around with one small suitcase, which is great. More later!!

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