Last week we travelled to a beach town called San Pancho, also referred to as ‘San Francisco’. It took about four hours on a toll road. Toll roads are very expensive here: 2000 pesos return,which is about 130 Canadian dollars. San Pancho was lovely, with great food, entertainment in the streets, fire throwers, dancing and many musicians. It was FUN!!!. It was nice to see the ocean and the sunsets, and it wasn’t too crowded.

I have finally completed my travel plans. I arrive in Toronto on May 7th—in time for one of my grandchildren’s birthdays—and will stay for two months. On July 8th I will travel to the UK and London, where I will stay for 4 to 6 weeks. I am now putting these trips together…where I will stay and the many visits with friends I will make.

In Canada, I will hopefully make a trip to Newfoundland, Montreal and Clear Lake in Alberta. My base will be in Toronto, where I will visit all parts of that city, plus Newmarket, North Bay, Hamilton and even maybe Ironbridge, which is way up north. I will see my doctor and, most importantly, get some hair appointments! It will be great to see the grandkids; it has been far too long!

My next stop after the UK would be Mallorca, where I will stay with Kelly and JP. They call their home a Sanctuary, but I call it a ranch, with its many—and I mean many—animals of all kinds. After that, maybe India. I will assess the situation closer to the time before I head back to Mexico. I am 99 percent sure I want to be in Ajijic for the future. So, a very busy few months!!

Spring is on the way. In Mexico it is quite hot for this time of year…but I’m not complaining.
Stay well.

P. S. I have also started the process of getting my Temporel Visa because sometimes immigration can be difficult if you are travelling in and out of Mexico!



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  1. Looking forward to seeing you when you are back in Toronto in May.

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  2. You look absolutely wonderful Betty, safe travels.

    On Thu., Mar. 17, 2022, 7:53 p.m. The Nomadic Intern, wrote:

    > Betty Steinhauer posted: ” Last week we travelled to a beach town called > San Pancho, also referred to as ‘San Francisco’. It took about four hours > on a toll road. Toll roads are very expensive here: 2000 pesos return,which > is about 130 Canadian dollars. San Pancho was lovely, with” >

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