Well, here I am in the Mexico City airport, arriving from Guadalajara early, as sometimes they cancel planes and I am very comfortable in the lounge. I am sad to leave Ajijic…my friends, the culture and the music. Yesterday, I was asking myself: will I come back? Yes, I will! I feel very fortunate to... Continue Reading →


As per usual, very busy…but with the addition of packing to travel for six months. And moving. And my birthday! I will be packing up and storing it all in my future apartment, which I hope to move to in October. Things happen in a very strange way for me—and always at the right moment.... Continue Reading →

Mayor Rob Ford

 Lead story on CNN International even before The Ukraine,  Toronto's Crack Smoking Mayor arrives at LAX to be picked up by Jimmy Kimmel acting as his Chauffeur and he will be attending The Academy Award ceremony tonight as well as Kimmel's show on monday night, boy oh boy If he is sitting in the front... Continue Reading →

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