Adventure, Travelling up the Norwegian Coast!

This has been an extremely busy month with 2 books being published, getting ready for Canada and this latest adventure.  I am on a small ship - they call it an expedition ship with 200 people on board - for 12 days travelling up to the Northern point of Norway. I had to find every warm... Continue Reading →

Mayor Rob Ford

 Lead story on CNN International even before The Ukraine,  Toronto's Crack Smoking Mayor arrives at LAX to be picked up by Jimmy Kimmel acting as his Chauffeur and he will be attending The Academy Award ceremony tonight as well as Kimmel's show on monday night, boy oh boy If he is sitting in the front... Continue Reading →

Palma revisited

Well, I arrived back in Palma 5 days ago. I must admit it felt a little bit like home. I am staying in the city centre behind the very large department store and it is brilliant! It really is a one stop shop with a post office, shoe repair, massive Supermarket, bank, and much more!I... Continue Reading →

My daughter Jody and Spencer and Dawson special grandchildren (aren't they all!)

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