These thoughts  have come from my old friend Michael who is a retired Politics Science Professor in California. Abortion is Not Just About Privacy But Moderny Slavery! When a person’s freedom of choice is taken from them and they no longer are in control of their body without permission by the state, they become slaves. The courts understand “involuntary... Continue Reading →


I am writing this from my friend Simon's home in London, where I am staying for a while. This trip has been an absolute roller coaster ride! It took 12 hours to reach Montreal from Toronto (one hour usually) because I took a wrong turn and ended up in security where some guard said that I was carrying... Continue Reading →


In the late nineties, I bought a summer home in Harbour Grace, Newfoundland. When I first saw it, Allan, my late partner, took one look and said 'you are not going to buy this sh.. hole are you?' Well …I did! It took a year to restore it. It was a 150-year old Captain's home... Continue Reading →


Well, I arrived in Toronto two hours late, and at 1:00am there were no lines at the airport. Rochelle, who I call my daughter-in-law, was there to meet me—which was brilliant. When I got to Customs the officer said 'go ahead'. I said that, after spending two hours with my friend Brian in Mexico filling... Continue Reading →


Well, here I am in the Mexico City airport, arriving from Guadalajara early, as sometimes they cancel planes and I am very comfortable in the lounge. I am sad to leave Ajijic…my friends, the culture and the music. Yesterday, I was asking myself: will I come back? Yes, I will! I feel very fortunate to... Continue Reading →

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