Adventure, Travelling up the Norwegian Coast!

This has been an extremely busy month with 2 books being published, getting ready for Canada and this latest adventure. 

I am on a small ship – they call it an expedition ship with 200 people on board – for 12 days travelling up to the Northern point of Norway. I had to find every warm piece of clothing I own, some I haven’t worn in years but were still around in my 1 of my 12 suitcases.

Many years ago I took a mail boat from Vancouver to Alaska, that nearly wrecked a relationship;  it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, no entertainment, fancy bars, gambling, etc., but small ships get much closer than large cruise ships and you don’t have loads of people to deal with.

As you can see from the pictures just the most magnificent scenery and the expectation of seeing the Northern Lights.

In cabin we have a special radio that reports to us any time of the night if they can be seen.

The weather is cold,  but wonderful sunshine!

See pictures of the beautiful Church and hotel that was built by the richest gentleman in Norway; it looks like the Plaza Hotel in New York to me.

Drama, my suitcase didn’t appear for 3 days, so the ship sent me to town to buy a outfit, which they paid for, but it turned out to be an  expensive trip for me – I brought a new coat.

Enjoy the pictures, more later.

On my way to the Ice Hotel in couple of days, and to see Reindeer!


3 thoughts on “Adventure, Travelling up the Norwegian Coast!

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  1. Wow! Betty what pictures, esp u in your new coat!!! Have a wonderful time, keep safe. Eat, drink & be merry. Toast often with that glass of wine. Chat soon. Be good lol😆👍Linda & Frank

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  2. Betty, I once wen to Nord Cap, but flew overnight. Might be easier than taking the boat!


  3. What a magnificent adventure, and just what you needed in the middle of this very busy time. The landscapes are breathtaking… sounds like the perfect trip!

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