Book News and Travel News!

First of all book news – you will see my 2 covers of the new books and I will let you know when they are both available. “MY WAY” 2nd edition, should be available in the next couple of weeks and “In Search of Spiritual Intelligence”… in the next 6 weeks; I would guess. I have this amazing publisher Rick Armstrong and his colleagues at Fisher King Publishering who are a joy to work with! MY WAY was first published 6 years ago, it has now been updated a little and Rick has offered to publish it again; I am just delighted!

IN SEARCH OF SPIRITUAL INTELLIGENCE has been a project for the past 2 years and I must say I am very proud of the book and the messages it carries. I had wonderful interviews with 40 people from around the world who gave so much of themselves to this story. I am very much looking forward to everyone’s comments and reactions!

Travel news – back to Canada in March to Toronto, then Montreal, and then Calgary to visit lovely friends Linda and Frank. Then over to Swan River, Manitoba to see a whole different part of Canada, and my friend Darlene is there. On to Newfoundland to visit Shannon, she will be coming to India with me this year. I will also visit Barb, who I have been very concerned about since last summer when she discovered she had brain tumour; she has had all her treatments and seems to be fine. Barb is one of those special good people in the world that nothing bad should ever happen too; I have to just see her and hug her myself in person. Back in UK in June before parts of Europe, India, and Turkey. As I said to a friend other day, at my age I could be very bored !! Oh, I nearly forgot on February 23rd I get on an Expedition Ship in Bergen, Norway for 12 day trip to 35 ports along the Norwegian Coast to see the Northern Lights.


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