Find Sunshine !!!


It is the middle of January, cold, icy and miserable . So I am escaping for five days to Arizona for sun and to see friends Julia and Ron. I met them at the International Living Conference in Mexico last May. I have told my travel agent, to never let me be in Toronto in January again!!

Beautiful property of Ron and Julia where I am staying in Phoenix
Beautiful property of Ron and Julia where I am staying in Phoenix

I have had number of reactions to my blog re: what is it like to be a Nomadic Intern?? The top question was, this has to be a very expensive lifestyle ?!?! My answer is I spend the same or less than I did in Toronto every month, and people are very surprised by this. I have friends all over the world that I spend time with, stay at guest houses and use AirBnB! I am very fortunate!!

It has been very busy in Toronto seeing family and friends, getting ready for the next five months’ adventure. Having Doctor’s appointments, buying stuff I need eg vitamins, prescriptions etc, nothing too exciting!

I was asked last week how much work it is to have my lifestyle and I hadn’t thought about it before, but it is a full time job!!! Planning and working with my travel agent Tammy, contacting friends, where to go and what to do while I am there.

So my plan is to leave Toronto on January 31st. To Palma Mallorca, where I had left a suitcase. I plan to stay a couple of months and have friends visit. A trip to Rome for few days, plus other adventures still to be announced.

Early April I leave for London for few days and then to Iceland for Spirit of Humanity Forum, before heading back to London. I then leave for Athen’s Greece and other destinations within Greece. I plan to be back in Canada June 12th.

My adopted family in Toronto where I am staying gave me a beautiful sterling silver angel. It is engraved with “The Nomadic Intern” and dated. It shall always travel with me !! I must admit this is becoming a lifestyle I really enjoy.

Your's truly at Beautiful Garden's in Phoenix!!!
Your’s truly at Beautiful Garden’s in Phoenix!!!
photo (1)
with friend Julia at the Dale Chihuly exhibit Phoenix Arizonia
Saying this is the life !!!!!

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  1. Hi Betty. I really enjoy reading your blog entries and looking at your pictures. Because of this I nominated your blog in the 2014 Liebster Award. If you want to know more about it, please click on the link This is not spam. You can google it first before clicking on the link. I know I was hesitant when I got the nomination. Thanks and keep on posting!

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