Amazing Phoenix !!

Sitting on rock in Sedona Arizona!
Sitting on rock in Sedona Arizona!
I have had an amazing 5 days in Phoenix. Spending time with friends, eating at excellent restaurants and of course movies. I saw Nebraska and 12 years a Slave, both very different but superb. We visited Sedona for day, which I hadn’t been to for about 15 years and it was more beautiful than I remember. It is surrounded by a Vortex (which is swirling energy, from what I understand), and I must admit in Sedona I felt very quiet and peaceful and didn’t even want to go shopping, so something was happening!!!!! I met young man on hiking trail, who has written number of books on the Vortex. He goes by the title of Mr. Sedona.

We also visited Jerome, a lovely old quirky mining town. The people who live there seem to enjoy and be proud of it. I would love to return to the good wine bars and shops. Now, back to Toronto to snow storm and minus 20, Oh the joys of Canada!!


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