The journey of a nomadic intern.

As I said I have been asked a number of questions about my Nomadic Internship, and really how I feel about giving up my apartment in Toronto to travel.

First of all let me review what led to this decision: I was hit by car nearly one year ago, and I am very lucky to be here. I still don’t remember the accident: you realize that life can change in an instant!

Secondly I turned 70 last April and since I have outlived both of my parents age wise, I decided I had nothing to lose, and should do it now while I have my health and energy.

I also felt total freedom after my book was published, my story was out there, and I now realize the book was done much more for me than any other reason.

One more thing happened quite by accident, friends of mine offered to make a room in their home for me with my furniture, and art in return for some of my things, which I thought was really good deal, so whenever I appear in town I have place to put my head! This is a real safety net for me; I say that I have been adopted!!

My criteria for travel are sunshine and warmth, interesting culture and opportunities to do charitable work. Plus I want to see places I haven’t been to before and to see also if I can find a location in the world where I want to spend future years. Did I say that SUNSHINE is VERY important!?

Question’s I have been asked? Do I still feel Toronto and/or Canada is my home? I’m not sure. My kids, grandkids and friends are there, but honestly I feel at home wherever I am, and find a way to make each place work for me. I also have many contacts/friends all over the world through the Brahma Kumaris, plus many contacts through my Foundation People Bridge, so I always have someone I know who can guide me wherever I am which is lovely and worth its weight in gold. I feel very fortunate.

As far as the negatives go:  a piece of clothing you might think of could be in suitcase in another country or in storage boxes somewhere, and I could write a book on the positive and negative aspects of showers and toilets!

People have number of reactions to what I have done. They wish they could do this or they think I should be locked up!

For me I realize I have been heading in this direction for number of years by downsizing my lifestyle and travelling more and more, and I must say for the most part it is right for me at this time in my life.

So, I am looking forward to my adventures in 2014.

All the very best for 2014


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