Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014!

My daughter's backyard.
My daughter’s backyard.

Happy New Year! from a very cold, but sunny Toronto. I arrived back on December 22nd to the worst ice storm in 100 years: the power was out all over the place and 8 days later some homes still do not have power.

The family that has adopted me are wonderful, and have fitted out a room in their home with my furniture, clothes and art. I feel very lucky! The rest of my stuff is in storage, at another home  so I can get to it whenever I need to find stuff, which after 4 months away is great fun to discover. It’s been great to see my family and especially the grand kids and to catch up with my friends.

An upside down Christmas tree!
An upside down Christmas tree!

My plan is to go back to Palma in about a month, again to use it as base to travel to parts of Europe. I am hoping to go to Sweden, Greece, and England then Iceland in April for the Spirit of Humanity Forum and be back in Canada, sometime in June. But at this point nothing is carved in stone, the planning starts next week!

I have made promise to a number of people that I will try to examine what being a Nomadic Intern really feels like, so will report very soon.

In the meantime to all of my friends all over the world, I wish you the very best for 2014!!!

Please keep sending your news and look at my Blog for those who are comfortable with this form of communication, but I will continue with my emails as well.
Enjoy the New Year


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