Christmas fun!

Palma-20131216-00312Well as, I plan to return to freezing cold Canada on Sunday , I am enjoying a sunny and mild Palma with all the Christmas activities.

Palma-20131214-00307I attended a Santa Lucia parade, it was so beautiful. It was held at night with students from the Swedish school. One student, a 14 year old young girl, led the parade wearing a crown of lit candles. She had to be very careful that the candle wax didn’t go on her face or in her hair: I was told that the girl last year had to cut off her hair , because of the wax.


The city is covered in Christmas lights. Palma seems to have very traditional activities over the holidays which are just lovely! This week I am attending Carol singing , a party at the Peace Centre, and on Friday the local British pub is hosting a Turkey dinner, all fun!!

IMG-20131219-00316I’ve just found this Mega Yacht in Palma Dock covered with Canadian Maple Leaves and lights for Christmas, I am trying to find out owner! What fun!!!

So I will close wishing  everyone
And all the very best for 2014, to you and your loved ones !!!!!!

Betty xxx


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  1. Your return travel date may not be good travelling weather, so be ready! Looking forward to hearing from you when you get here! Love Prue

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