Well, I arrived in Ajijic, Mexico on September 13th. I stayed at my friend Pam’s for a few days before moving to Namaste,where still am. I can’t decide if I should stay at Namaste, or find my own apartment. There are advantages to staying at Namaste: never dull, always new people, movies, workshops, etc. I would have my own tiny casita, and the location is perfect in the centre of town. It has been great being back. You walk down the street always meeting people you know. They give you such a nice welcome (which is very special). Also very special is reconnecting with friends.

Many people don’t believe I can give up travelling, but I have completed my bucket list and travelling isn’t the fun it was 10 years ago. Now, this doesn’t mean no more travel; there’s lots to see in Mexico, and maybe even the US.

On my last trip I lost luggage twice—once in London and again in Spain…no fun! So I bought Smart tags from Samsung in London and was told to attach to the Bluetooth on my phone so the luggage could be tracked. I spent £64 on two! Well, I got to Spain and all my bluetooth said was: NOT HERE!!! Totally useless.

When I flew American Airlines they had an app that tracked your luggage, which was brilliant.

I have three projects that have come my way: teaching a 7-session travelling course here, sourcing turquoise for a jeweller in London, and also working with a high-end personalized adventure travel agent in London to assist in the development of more clients. All fun, and stuff I love to do.

I have also decided to take my blog and develop a number of essays on all the various aspects of travels, as I see them. So please stay tuned…just another new phase for Betty.



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  1. Wow Betty

    This is a big deal.

    How are you feeling about this decision

    Upkar Arora, FCPA, FCA, ICD.D
    Phone 416-567-8994

    . . . while it suits me to send this email to you at this time, I do not expect a response outside of your normal working hours. Thanks!

  2. Hi Betty, You continue to work your grand plan! Congrats on taking the next bold steps towards living your happy and best life. Remember to send your address when you put down stakes in Mexico. I wonder what the tipping point will be that helps you solidify your chosen spot? 🤔 Life is good here. I have been in Thunder Bay since September 14 having a blast with my grandson, Cooper. I return on October 5 and will spend Thanksgiving with my granddaughter, Mila Lee and her parents. Erin has begun her final year of Massage Therapy and is doing just fine. My part time Y work continues. Overall, I am a happy woman! Take care. Hugs 🤗, Lee

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  3. It was lovely seeing you and your new adventures sound like a good creative work/play balance. Enjoy this next chapter! xx

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