All is well: COVID-19 is much better now and the numbers are down.

I am giving a series of workshops at The Lake Chapala Society talking about my travels (see flyer below). It should be fun; the society is on a beautiful property where the ex-pats join for Spanish classes, wine-tasting, concerts, food, etc. Sunsets here are very special, as pictures show.

I spent a day in Guadalajara with friend Dan sightseeing, seeing the Murals—which I had seen 35 years before. I have never forgotten their beauty, nor how disturbing they are!

Will try to do some travelling in Mexico over the next few months and hope to get back to Canada when the weather is better and the rules are clear next spring.

The Day of the Dead (Día de Muertos) is a holiday in early November where Mexicians honour their family and friends who have left. It is a celebration with parades, costumes, etc. The day before is called Day of Little Angels (El Día de los Angelitos), which celebrates babies who have died in the womb. Quite lovely to watch this custom happen.

All in all this place is growing on me…what that means, who knows? Also as we know prices are increasing all over the world. Here is no different, but still good value.

Take care everyone.



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  1. Thanks for the nice note , I am not dead yet !!Happy New Year, look forward to seeing you 2022 ,let ne know how your house hunting goes ? Take care Be well B

    On Mon., Dec. 27, 2021, 2:16 p.m. The Nomadic Intern, wrote:


  2. Hi Betty,

    I’m waiting for your next blog to tell me about Christmas in Mexico City. 78 and fabulous.

    I’m enjoying others videos about your travels, activities, friends, and life experiences. Knowing you has been a joy and a learning experience. Age has no limits, only those self imposed.

    Be well.

    Jack from Namaste, Ajijic

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