I have been here for just over a month, and it has been very busy. I seem to have a very active social life here…breakfasts, dinners, music, etc. COVID is definitely around: Six people from Namaste—where I lived before—tested positive, and two other people I know have it. One young man from the USA is quite sick in ICU at the hospital, so I am very careful with masking, crowds, etc.

As I mentioned earlier, I was going to LAX to get the one-shot Johnson and Johnson vaccine. I did get it but, not without the drama of discussing the vaccine I already had and if they would give me a new one or not. One lady from the vaccine centre looked at me and said ‘Joe said we couldn’t give’. I asked ‘Joe who?’ She said ‘the President’. I suggested to her he had other things to worry about. It all turned out. I had the vaccine, got my little piece of paper…and have been healthy after the shot.

Spending the day at LAX was terrible. It is a very old, outdated airport that reminds me of New York before they redid their airport. Terrible choice of stores and restaurants, and sky high prices. I flew in on a 6am flight from Guadalajara, and returned on a 6pm evening flight, which made for a very long day, but now I have options of where I can go.

The world is going through very difficult times…what to do? How to do it? In Canada—because it is such a large country—there is not one rule, but many. I have no idea what is next for me at this point. I will wait it out for a while.

My grandkids all seem to be in different places and schools, but are happy, which is great!

Stay well 
…and happy 

P.S. To be very honest, I think I am lucky to be in Mexico…easy lifestyle, Mexican people are quite lovely and friendly in this town, and put up with us trying Spanish. I start Spanish lessons next week.


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  1. Hi Betty,

    Re-reading your post – I have no idea what is next for me and I seem to be waiting it out also. That may mean there is nothing beyond and my life here is as good as it gets. That is not a complaint as life is pretty good in a small beach town but I wonder, “no more travel adventures”’other than a month or two stay in Ajijic each year. I’ll be 80 next year and mentally that seems an encumbrance – not like being 20, 40 or 60 when adventure and change was a given. My daughter wants me to accompany her to Portugal for a month next year…that may be the answer (a month somewhere each year).

    Stay healthy, I hope the Namaste people are ok. Anyone I know…6 is a lot of people in a small group.


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  2. Hope to see uou on Ajijic B

    On Sun., Oct. 3, 2021, 2:17 p.m. The Nomadic Intern, wrote:


  3. Stay safe!

    I’m happy to be back in the US. Just returned from a week with my kids…remember Jay who visited me at Namaste? He flew up from Guad. Ajijic has a great social life which I miss. It’s just not the same here. You are fortunate to be in Ajijic. I do think of permanently living there but health coverage here factors into my choosing US, plus it’s a beach town (nature). I’m doing a talk in a few weeks “My Life in Mexico” at the Unitarian Church…planning on including Namaste as a place to stay or live.


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