I just loved the Day of the Dead festival: lots of activities, parties all over town, and very respectful in honoring friends and family that have passed. The cemeteries were full of people celebrating in a very quiet, loving way. As far as I am concerned, this festival should be copied all over the world. VERY JOYOUS!!

I decided to have a medical, including a mammagram, and 6 pages of blood tests…. some which I had never heard of. When I made the appointment with the doctor, her receptionist said the appointment would be booked for 90 minutes, and that was standard. I was shocked. Anyhow, it all happened. I was told I was in amazingly good health! The cost was $325 US for everything which I thought was Amazing!!!

Enjoy the pictures, and stay well. 



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  1. Hi Betty,

    This all looks pretty spectacular and I can understand your comments. Glad your Dr did such a great job with excellent results. We have just done check ups for Prue this past week and will hope to be able to actually visit the GP for the first time in about 2 years !!

    Hoping we will see you back in TO before too long, assuming that things don’t worsen once again.with the pandemic.

    Simon left the COP conference for his HO in Geneva just as they were issuing the watered down resulting communique. He was scrambling to get a press release out while waiting to board the plane to Frankfurt on the 1sr leg. It will be very interesting indeed to talk with him next Sunday when Jon has set up a Zoom family call … also one today but without S.

    Anyway we are OK so long as we take life very gently. It’s a wet day and i’m watching a coyote under the coniferous tree at the bottom of our garden … this is the 3rd time we’ve had him here in last 24 hours … hope he isn’t ;planning to make his home here !!!

    We send you our love Bruce and Prue

  2. Thanks Betty, Your email/photos pull me back into Ajijic life. A quandary – US or Mexico. Mexico has a happier more relaxed vibe…people rushing around here, speeding cars, can’t survive without a car. Mexico slows life down. Be well, glad your tests came out 5 stars. I hope to return for a month or two in the summer and avoid Florida heat/humidity.


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