Well, I arrived in Ajijic, Mexico.

Tough trip with confusing information about which airport terminals, mixed up gates, crowded KLM plane, terrible food, and very late planes. I arrived in Guadalajara at 2:00am after taking three planes. Luckily my friend Dan hung around to wait for me, which was really appreciated. We drove to Ajijic and I fell into bed at 5:00am at the beautiful home of my friend Pam.

The day before, I had received word that the place where I was going to live was turning into an Airbnb, and also someone had passed away there. To make a long story short: I got my money back and started to look for a place to stay for the next six months. As of yesterday, I found through my friend Clare a cute, funky apartment in the centre of town. It’s a great location with lovely flowers and green space, and I can walk everywhere—so will move over in the next few days.

I must say my friends have been absolutely amazing with all kinds of offers. I feel very fortunate and blessed, and it feels very good to be back here. COVID-19 is certainly here, but from what I can see people are being very cautious and the vaccination program continues.

Keep well everyone!


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