I am finally leaving this lovely little hotel in Worthing after 2 months. It is like home, but I must admit I am getting a little bored. I would recommend the Windsor Hotel to anyone…I call it a jewel.

As I have said, I am leaving here on Sunday for Bakewell where they make the famous Bakewell Tarts. I will be visiting my friend Jenny for 3 days before I go to London for a week to visit my old friend Simon. He has very kindly offered to have me as a house guest before I (hopefully) fly out to Mexico, which is now on the red travel Iist. I have booked my tests, so if planes are flying, I will be on one of them.

Will have a week in London going to the Prom concerts and plays, I hope. A number of West End plays have been closed because of COVID-19. I feel this way of living is the new norm. My fondest wish is that countries get together and adopt the same rules for all, such as tests, vaccines, travel, etc. Right now, it’s all over the map.

Next time I blog, I hope will be from Mexico. I miss my friends there, and I hope my new living quarters work out well.

Take care.


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  1. Hi, I’m amazed and in awe of your level of energy. Is this inherited or just a morning breakfast cereal? I thought I had a lot of energy but nothing compared to your travels. I’m anxious to hear about your return to Ajijic.

    Be well, stay safe.


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