I love the train, so since I had the time I decided to make the trip. With transit changes it takes about 15 hours from the south of England.

I treated myself and took the first class train from London to Inverness, stayed overnight in Inverness and then a 4-and-a-half journey to Wick where I stayed another night at a hotel that reminded me of either Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings; very eccentric, old family-owned Scottish hotel. My friend Heather from Cambridge, who now lives here, picked me up and took me to the tip of John O’Groats.

Really enjoyed all. I met a great guy at dinner in Inverness who was a fellow traveller, a photographer on a motorcycle, and a young woman on the long train ride who was cycling from the top of Scotland to the tip of England Land’s End—about a 650 mile journey—by herself. She hoped to complete it in 10 days. Hope she is safe…a lot of wide open spaces.

That is one of the joy’s of my nomadic lifestyle: the people you meet for a very short time along the way.

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  1. Wonderful Betty,always enjoying yourself and sharing with usLove from Holy Mount Abu.Mathildesister Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

  2. Thank you, thank you 🙏, great photos of you and Scotland and friends…it’s so far away from the craziness that we call the United States and so lovely. Bundled as you were I thought it must be cold but others were wearing shorts. Loved the Harry Potter hotel.

    Life here not as exciting as traveling by train. I visited Lands End and small towns along the way in 1971. Spent 45 days traveling on a Eurorail pass through Europe. Loved the English countryside and quaintness of everything. Rented a car to travel from London to Lands End. Always said I would return but never did.

    Be well and travel safe, Jack

    Sent from my iPhones

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