Great news: I have just received negative results from my second COVID-19 test…one more day of isolation. YIPPEE!!

I have been isolating at friends’ Martine and Alan’s beautiful 15th-century restored home in the English Countryside, outside of Bedford. It’s a large home with very lovely grounds, pond, lots of wildlife and nature. The weather has been warm and sunny every day. I feel very fortunate.

Both friends cook great meals every evening (I call them foodies); they have been the perfect hosts! I owe them lots of gratitude and thanks for allowing me to isolate in this gorgeous location.

The isolation process itself is very interesting. You get called every day by someone making sure you are still doing your job, and on the first day a very dapper man in a black suit showed up from Government Security to check on me.

We had a little wrinkle a couple of days ago. Someone called from track-and-trace, which meant I had unwittingly come in contact with someone with COVID-19. After the initial panic, we decided it had to have been at the airport and my isolation dates were the same. So all was well. They then called me every day. I even had a call from the Mayor’s Office in Cambridge, asking me if I needed help grocery shopping, etc. I was impressed!

My friend Paul, who keeps my luggage in Cambridge, brought my luggage and I started sorting for the next three months, preparing for my time here in the UK, and possibly in Canada, before traveling back to Mexico in September.

I am going to spend a month in Worthing, a seaside town in the south of England, where I stayed at the lovely Windsor Hotel last year. I can travel to London and elsewhere from there. I miss my friends in Mexico, so I guess I have found another heart home in the world.

Stay safe everyone. And if you do travel, remember to plan and anticipate each step of the way! Travelling has changed!



2 thoughts on “ISOLATION IN THE UK!

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  1. Hi Mary Anne
    Winter clothes just in case I am in Canada in the winter , boots ,and lots of stuff I think I may need ! I have pared down from 16 cases to 9 ,so much better

  2. Dear Betty,

    Your adventures are such fun to read. Do keep up your blog. One thing, though: what is in all that luggage? I remember my daughter driving me to the airport once on a three-month planned visit to India, and she took three of my suitcases back home because I couldn’t manage them. Somehow it didn’t matter much after I got there. Happy travels.
    –Mary Anne

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