I am at the Windsor Hotel in Worthing, a seaside town in the south of the UK. I stayed at this hotel last year and loved this family-run hotel. I booked for one month, but may be staying longer if I can’t get back to Canada.

Canada at this point is not accepting the Chinese vaccine which I received in Mexico, even though it is approved by the World Health Organization. At this point I am not prepared to again quarantine elsewhere for 14 days on arrival to Canada. I will make some phone calls to Embassies in London and Ottawa to see when, and if, the government will update the rule.

I met my friend Jenny in London. The city is quite quiet, other than for the football matches. We went to the Victoria and Albert Museum for the exhibit of Alice, which was lovely (see picture below of the Mad Hatters’ Tea Party)… just beautifully designed. I also paid a visit to the Brahma Kumaris’ headquarters in London to catch up with friends.

I had a great Sunday lunch with new friends from last summer: fellow author Larry and his lovely wife Sara. My friend Simon is coming for a visit from London. He loves to cycle in this part of the UK. I paid a visit to Canary Wharf; that part of London was developed by the Reichman Family in Toronto. It was empty, relatively-speaking! There are usually 100 thousand people working there. At this point there were only 20 thousand workers present, to support the many shoppes and restaurants…very sad!

I am getting many chores done: new passport, travel pass, bus pass, shopping for basic clothes I can’t get in Mexico. Using the next couple of weeks well while I decide what is possible regarding travel. It is a jigsaw puzzle on a good day!

Take care everyone 


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  1. Betty,Glad to hear you are enjoying yourself in the UK.  Look forward to seeing you in the Fall.Temperatures are now much cooler here, and we are getting much needed rain.  We need the lake to be much higher.We went to the beach (Melaque/Barra de Navidad) for my birthday in May and had a good time.I noted your comments about entry into Canada.  I will be interested in knowing what you find out, as I plan to go back next summer.Please keep me posted. Brian

  2. I don’t think any country has more beautiful, green and serene countryside than does England.Just looking at it reduces blood pressure! Nice photo, Betty. Can you give the location where you took it e.g. between village A and B? Cheers, Mary Anne

  3. Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside, oh I do like to be beside the sea… eh!


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