It has been a crazy, busy month and continues to be so! Lots of comings and goings in Namaste. But I think the biggest news is that we are having a wedding here in May: a lovely, young Spanish woman Luna and Craig, a Canadian from Winnipeg. They have asked me to be part of the wedding by reading a poem, which I have to find or write…YIKES! I am enlisting the help of Briony in the UK who runs a Poetry Magazine called Ambitt as well as a friend in Majorca, Glynis, who is a wedding celebrant; I think now I have it under control.

I am busy making plans for returning to the UK at the end of this month. I will be isolating with friends and I hope they know how much I appreciate their kindness; I know it is a big deal! I have ordered my COVID-19 tests – two tests 2nd and 8th day – to the tune of 240 British Pounds. I will also sort out luggage that Paul will hopefully bring from Cambridge. After that I will travel to Worthing for at least a month and stay at a lovely seaside hotel I have stayed at before. I hope to get back to Canada, but it is tough there right now. Numbers are very high. And then there is India…I am just sick about what is happening there. It is just awful. People are dying all over the place. No group is immune to what is happening.

Back to Mexico: on the 16th of the month I am speaking at the Open Circle Society, a gathering of expats here. My topic is THE NOMADIC INTERN: Creating My Own Adventure!

I plan to come back to Ajijic in October or November. It’s a great town in so many ways. I might even settle here…another YIKES!!

All for now. I hope the next blog will be from the UK. 
Keep safe everyone.



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