I was born in England. And when I was a little kid, people in England would send me books about the Royal Family. I would read them, loving the pictures, and have always followed the Royal Family through the years. They have had dysfunctional times like any family, but – after all – they were on display to the world!

When I heard that Prince Philip had passed on April 9, I had tears, which really surprised me. The closest I ever got to him was being invited to Windsor Castle for a conference a few years ago. I spent three days in one of the rooms he had developed at the castle for his Duke of Edinburgh Award students. All I can say is that he was a CLASS ACT in every sense of the word.

May he R.I.P. !!



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  1. Hi Betty,

    Well said indeed! And of course the Queen herself is quite extraordinary. I don’t know how the Royal family are (is) going to be able to follow the extraordinary example that has been set for all but 70 years. Indeed may he R.I.P.



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