Greetings from Cyprus!

I am going into my last week in Paphos, Cyprus. It has been brilliant, lovely sunny weather: and great food…not too hard to take. I feel very fortunate to have been here at this time. The numbers are low and people are doing what they need to do, without being anxious. It is very civilized.

In a week I am on a plane back to London where I will stay near Heathrow Airport for a day-and-a-half before I leave on a long trek to Guadalajara, Mexico. I need to fly first to Amsterdam to catch a plane to Mexico City—and then a short flight from there. Many routes are not offered now, and airlines are flying in limited areas. I did think about staying here a while longer, but I am looking very forward to Mexico.

I am going to a retreat centre called Namaste founded by James Twyman, New York Times best-selling author of 16 books, movie maker, poet, etc. He founded this spiritual centre in Lake Chapala, which is about one hour south of Guadalajara. My friend Diane, who lives in Washington, suggested it could be Betty’s Mountain Top…we shall see. I am staying in a hotel which is part of the site. I shall report back to you after arrival.

I was very fortunate. I have a work colleague from over 20 years ago who follows this blog that I knew lived in Mexico, but I had no idea where. Guess what? Yep. He lives in exactly the same town. Brian has been extremely helpful finding a driver and hotel for when I first arrive late at night, etc. Brian, thank you. Great to have you there! I also want to thank Elspeth and husband Colin for all of their kindness. Believe it or not they are starting the process of moving to Banff, Canada. Colin loves to ski.

I still have a lot of work to do with the book, that is, selling the book. I now have a crackerjack PR person in the UK. I remember when I first talked about the book, an author friend of mine, Keith in Penang, said the hard work was just beginning. He was so right. I have also discovered that the assistance I was expecting just hasn’t happened. What’s that old line “…when one door closes another opens …” That has proved very true in my life.

Stay safe and well everyone!! The world is going through horrendous times now. Be kind to one another. 


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