I arrived in Cyprus 3 days ago. 85 degrees F. Sun every day. Really difficult to take!! I loved my month in Worthing. Just a neat, beautiful part of the UK, and I hope to go back.

Getting to Cyprus was hard work. Had to have a Covid test exactly 72 hours prior to flight departure and get a travel certificate showing that I was negative. This wasn’t easy. The testing mechanism had broken down in the UK. I finally found a clinic in London which, believe it or not, was called the NOMAD CLINIC!  I took an empty train to London, arriving to a very quiet city: no tourists and lots of closed businesses. After my test I took a taxi back to Victoria Station where I had to catch my train instead of returning to the underground, as I was curious to see the city. We travelled very quickly, and it was odd, with no traffic at 1:00pm and no tourists taking pictures in front of Buckingham Palace.

The next step was to fill out several pages of questions and send it to the Government of Cyprus. These were approved, and so I was allowed to travel. I flew British Air in a fairly full plane wearing a mask the whole four hours. The crew was very careful and people were very respectful.

Back to Cyprus…at a lovely villa which is very central, with pool, and a two-minute walk to the Mediterranean. Have a lovely friend here, Elspeth, who is originally from Scotland. She has lived here many years, and we together are part of a group of great supportive woman, mainly from the USA.

I had never met Elspeth before, but sometimes special people appear in your life—and she is one of them.

I am here for a month. Hopefully Mexico is next! We shall see in the next little while. Enjoy the pictures.


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  1. Betty, things are no going so well here. This morning Tomiko was moved from the hospital to the palliative care unit in Sunnybrook.

    Difficult days.


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