Well, here I am in Mexico—about an hour south of Guadalajara—in a town called Ajijic, where many people from Canada and the US are living. I am staying in a Spiritual Community called Namaste which was founded by James Twyman, author and peace ambassador.

How do I describe this place? Well, here goes. It has tiny houses, apartments and a hotel /guest house. And it’s well-maintained. The price I pay includes 2 meals/day, 5 days/week, catered from chefs in town. My room, which has an ensuite bathroom, is cleaned once/week—all in all for a very reasonable price/month. It has common kitchen, a couple of refrigerators, and washers and dryers. There is a manager on-site.

We have about 25 people here, mostly from California and the southern states; older people and a few young ones. I was told before I came to think of an aging Woodstock!! People from all walks of life!

Namaste doesn’t have a lot of rules. I can even have my white wine in the fridge. It seems to all work but for me it’s very hard to describe: many programs, movies, dances (last evening we had a dance party with root beer floats!), lots of spiritual teachers around. Everyone seems to be here for the right reasons…to be the best person they can be, with the best quality of life as they age. I have never experienced any place like this before!!

The trip here was 23 hours long on KLM airlines. Excellent flights all the way. I even had a marriage proposal from an Italian gentleman (great for my ego).

I also last week received some very sad news: Allan Shaw, who had been a big part of my life for many years, passed away suddenly in Calgary. I send my very best to all of the family. As well, Jeffrey Smyth, a good friend of mine, lost his wife of many years. She was a lovely lady and they made a good team.

Enjoy the pictures!!
Everyone please take care.



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