Here I am in Worthing, UK which is just across the English Channel from France. The weather is just spectacular: warm, sunny days with no rain. I am staying at lovely small hotel, The Windsor on the Sea. They have given me an excellent rate for the month, no one else is here, it has the quaintness of being family-owned, and boasts a delightful, excellent chef.

I am working on publicity for the book, meeting new friends, seeing old ones, having Zoom calls…not sure how we survived before Zoom! And am also trying to figure out what is next…Cyprus for October, Mexico for November. Quarantine restrictions, etc. continue to challenge my travels. But at this point—not yet willing to hang up my Nomadic boots. My friend Simon is coming down for a couple of days from London with his bike on the train.

I took the train for three hours the other day, believe it or not to see my dentist in Cambridge (he is that good). The train went right through  London, stopping at all the stations. I had four people in my car; it was like a ghost train. London itself was quite empty. People are very anxious and have no idea what to expect in the UK and I feel this is perhaps the same for the rest of the world. This seems to be the next normal in our world. My rule is to stay as safe as I can for myself and other people, but to still live the best life I can.

I think the months ahead will be very tough. When government support programs stop and jobs aren’t there. My other option is to stay in the UK for a while. I really like the south of England; very different feel here.

Keep well everyone and enjoy the pictures.
Stay safe.


4 thoughts on “SEPTEMBER BY THE SEA!

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  1. This counts for all of us my sweet sister.As my mother-in-law lived in Brighton I know the places so well.It still looks the same.My brother used to live in PlymouthCornwall (also called Riviera) Love you take care.Mathildesister

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  2. Betty, nice pictures that bring back some good memories from an earlier time.

    We are still struggling here as Tomiko has developed an infection in the surgical incision. That has delayed the chemo sessions. Our son came from Japan to see his mother, but has now gone home – two weeks quarantine when he arrived in TO and two more weeks when he arrived back in Tokyo. The Donald is right: Damn Kung Flu!

    How did you make out with the scammers in Shanghai? Well, I hope.

    Stay safe, eh! Winter is coming!


  3. It’s good to see that you are not staying home, huddled by the fire. You cheer us all up by believing in yourself and in the world. As the poet Walt Whitman said so eloquently, “The untold want by life and land ne’er granted, Now voyager sail thou
    forth to seek and find.” Go seek and find, Betty, and report back your findings to us who stay at home. Happy journey, and happy landing.

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