Well, I flew to London last week; British Air had 50 passengers, and Toronto and Heathrow airports were empty!  Before I arrived I had to fill out lots of forms, sharing where I would quarantine, etc. 

When I arrived in the UK, immigration was very unsure of the rules—specifically the difference between self-isolating and quarantine, so they had a little discussion regarding my case. It was decided I would self-isolate, but could go out 2 hours a day, which made no sense to me whatsoever. 

People are supposed to wear masks inside spaces like stores and restaurants, but very few were actually doing so. Boris, the Prime Minister, every Monday to Wednesday, is giving 50 percent off towards meals in restaurants…so they are indeed packed, but no masks.

As I say: it is like the Wild, Wild West. Most part people are acting like there is no virus, which is just crazy—and they wonder why their statistics are so high.

I am at the Holiday Inn, where I got an excellent rate. They now want to double that rate if I stay for the month of September. 

So, what’s next for the Nomadic Intern? UK,Cyrus, Mexico for special place, Scotland; I certainly have to decide soon…in the next few days.Will keep you posted on next steps. Oh, and the screenplay for My Way, the first book, has been submitted to Netflix.  I doubt it will happen, but fun.


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