On my last blog, I forgot to mention a great 4-day trip to Montreal on the train. The train trip was perfect; they only booked 50% capacity because of the pandemic, and they gave everyone a little food box which included a bottle of water, hummus, crackers and a chocolate bar.

I decided on the train thinking it would be good idea to maybe travel across Canada by train at some point. So I called VIA Rail, and the lady responding laughed and asked if could I wait until November? I asked why. Apparently no cross-country trains until then , so that was the end of that idea. (For now.)

I stayed in the BK centre in Montreal with Sisters Line and Tanya. They always treat me like a princess on every visit: very comfortable  surroundings, great food, etc.

Also Eric, who is the National Coordinator for the BK’s in Canada, is there and we have been friends for over 30 years. Eric is a producer, director for CBC Television in Canada, and he also makes wonderful meals for us. It is always great to catch up on life…we never run out of conversation.

Montreal downtown itself was very empty. No tourists, no cars—very little activity!

Below find a snapshot of me masked on train, as well as pictures of Eric and myself on his patio.

Stay well everyone…this could  be new normal. 


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  1. Hi Betty, I’m pleased to that you are OK, and able to travel around. A few years ago we travelled across Canada starting in Montreal, Toronto, Niagara, Calgary, then at Banff we travelled on the Rocky Mountaineer to Vancouver. The train journey was fantastic. If you get the chance I would recommend it. Take care. Love Eve

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