Finally, a plan of sorts!

I am in North Bay, which is a 4 hour drive North of Toronto on Lake Nipissing,  staying at a friends beautiful home on the water for 2 weeks before I travel back to the UK. 

I have no idea if this is good or bad idea – going to UK; but my luggage is still in Cambridge, so who knows!

When I arrive back in the UK I think I have to quarantine for 2 weeks, hope that Canada appears on good list before I arrive. My lovely friend Jenny offered me her flat to quarantine in, which is empty right now but I have decided to stay at a Holiday Inn in Cambridge. It just feels smarter, with some people around and they gave me an excellent rate.

I have left my base in Toronto for good, my art is with another friend Jenny, and my furniture stays where it is, that was the deal I made 7 years ago when I started my Nomadic Journey. At this point I am not ready to stop travelling unless I really have too.

I have been invited to Mallorca and Cyprus, I think India is out of the question. My Publisher is suggesting I should do a Launch for the book on Zoom and call it a conversation, I’m thinking about it. Also, Turkey in November, all up in the air with the virus !!

Pictures are of my friend Bill who has cutting and making me look blonde for maybe 20 years, he also sends me around the world with my tubes of hair colour. He has an extremely funky salon in downtown Toronto (not in the greatest neighborhood and the who who’s of the city show up there).

I found him in Toronto Life Magazine and called him for appointment,  he interviewed me on phone before he offered me appointment,  very cool guy !!! pictures of salon just before opening during COVID.

Friends at a Socially Distancing backyard dinner, and on lake where I am staying now.

As you know I wanted to go for my annual visit to Newfoundland, I called the Premier’s office every week to see if they had opened up the Province, finally I was told the Premier doesn’t have the appetite to open up to tourists, he said in true Newfoundland style.


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  1. Dear Betty,Your future plan,will be called Viman, it will not need a pilot, just your thoughtpower will do.Wherever and with whom you like to go, it will just fly you to your destination. ( I had a vision of this, I saw our planet from the sky)God says, the earth and the sky are all yours.!Love youMathildesister

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