In Search of Spiritual Intelligence with Betty Steinhauer & Sister Jenna

Betty Steinhauer considers herself a “Citizen of the World.” Even as a young mother, Betty was active in the community sitting on a number of boards and lending her expertise to various public organizations. In 1983, she founded a consulting firm where, for 25 years, she used her unique abilities to act as a catalyst, facilitator and advisor to both the private and public sectors.

After being hit by a car, not long after retiring, she had an epiphany and realized that she had been on her own spiritual journey since her first visit to India in 1990. She had traveled to 155 countries, made friends all over the world but, she still had unanswered questions. So, she decided to sell everything, pack up her life and travel the world learning about various cultures, communities and people.

Her documentation of what she learned as she interviewed people from around the world and from all walks of life is the basis of her new book, In Search of Spiritual Intelligence. Visit

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